"What's It All About Alfie?"
How It Works

   If you are not familiar with how MNF is played -

  • In a 10 x 10, (100 squares),  Grid you will select one to five, (maximum per household), Squares
  • Once the Grid is completely filled and everyone has paid, the numbers 0-9 will be randomly generated and placed in the Columns, (Home Team), and Rows, (Visiting Team), headings
  • Each participant will have the same Square(s) for each 17 MNF Games and the SuperBowl, but a new set of numbers will be generated for each game.
  • If you have the last numbers of the final score of a MNF Game, (including Overtime), you will win the Weekly Jackpot.

Here's an example using the actual Scores at the end of each Quarter from SuperBowl 50

  1st Qtr 2nd Qtr 3rd Qtr 4th Qtr O/T Final
DEN 10 13 16 24 NA 24
CAR 0 7 7 10 NA 10

The Winner in the above scenario would be the Owner of  the Square where Denver' Column/Row with the #4 intersects the Carolina Column/Row with the #0.

Entry Fee

   Cost (Five Squares Maximum Per Household)

  • 1 Square   = $11
  • 2 Squares = $21
  • 3 Squares = $31
  • 4 Squares = $41
  • 5 Squares = $51

The above averages out to 57 to 61 per game.


  • Payment will not be due until all the Squares are claimed
  • Once the Grid is filled, full payment will be due no later that 24 hours after a request is made
  • LeagueSafe will be the depository and disbursing agent of the Entry Fees
  • Any fees charged by LS will be the responsibility of the participant.
  • All winnings will be distributed after the conclusion of the NFL Season.


  • All funds collected, except Administrative, discounts and RunYour Pool ($70) fees will be awarded
  • The minimum that will be awarded will be $50 per game.  Its possible that the total amount collected will be more than the minimum amounts needed and if so, any extra money will be evenly distributed among all the Winners.
  • LuckyDog Sports charges a small $1 Fee per Entry to offset administrative costs, i.e., hosting, domain and 3rd party coding and graphic fees.

To Enter

Pool ID - 58215
Password - squares (no capitals)

  • If you haven't already registered, please do so by entering the following

First & Last Name
E-Mail Address
User Name
Display Name - Choose a name that you can remember and that's not offensive. (less than 20 characters)

  • Once you are registered pick one to five Squares. 
  • You have the ability to change your choices and the number of picks at anytime based on availability.
  • Each blank Square has an equal chance of winning

Final Notes

  • If for some unfathomable reason all the Squares are not claimed and one of these Squares holds the Winning Number Combination the amount that was to be awarded will be divided equally and added to each of the other Winners for the Season.
  • There may be circumstances that arise during the Season that were unforseen or not covered by the above, and should these occur, LuckyDog Sports will make a determination based on good sense, the original intent of the above and fairness.
  • Your payment constitutes your acceptance of the above.
  • No refunds will be given unless MNF Squares does not materialize.

Good Luck and Have Fun!

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